Your child is naturally curious. Right from birth, they are wondering and exploring.

They are watching and listening. Moving and feeling. The daily interactions and experiences you share with your children is how they learn about the world around them. These interactions involve play.

Play is a powerful and important activity. It has a natural and positive influence on children’s social, physical, emotional and cognitive development. The best learning happens when children play. It is important to let your children play every day

Whether it is playing dress ups, constructing grand designs with building blocks, singing songs, telling stories, playing with containers or having fun outside with sand and water, Curam is committed to providing programs and events  that are full of 'Good Old Fun'.

Check out our events calendar,  located on the wall where you sign in, to see all  of our upcoming events.

Intergenerational Care

Events promoting 'Good Old Fun'

Curam is partnering with Silver Chain Aged Care. Our educators are creating activities and tailoring programs to bring the elderly and children together.

Children are quick to form strong bonds. The Children and elderly are focused in the moment. Carers commented that the elderly are more physically and mentally active around the children, giving many elderly a greater sense of purpose and belonging.

Whats on at Curam Queens Park