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We are very excited to inform you that along with various centre documentation, our service has designed two fantastic forms of  Email correspondance Weekly Room Journals and Individual Observations.

How do Regular Emails benefit me as a parent?

These emails give you access to your child's daily photos, reminders of planned events ​and gives you opportunity to communicate directly with educators.

Observations: Read observations that the Educator has documented for your child and see how this is linked directly with 

National Quality Framework Learning Outcomes and Theorists.
At the Curam you can view :

Portfolio: You’ll are able to view your child’s portfoio at any time.

Program: View your Services Program, including : Curriculum Areas, Routine and Calendar of Planned Events.

Daily Journals: Your child's Daily Diary will be updated each day by Educators, there is always opportunity for feedback and correspondence 



Curam Educators gather a range of information about your child, from various sources for their Individual Portfolios and Daily 'Learning Journeys'.

Families are also encouraged to contribute to our curriculum and menu planning. 

Activities planned will be meaningful and engaging, they will be influenced by individual children's interests, strengths, different multicultural and family activities.

This assists children to become confident and involved learners.

Regular Art, Dance, Sport, Language and Community inspired Incursions and Excursions are planned within the regular weekly programs.

We teach recycling, sustainability and energy efficient practice at our centre and encourage self help skills to teach children to care for their environment whether at home or at Curam. This helps children to connect and contribute to their world.

​Friendships and effective communication between fellow peers and educators is nurtured and children's well-being is maintained through support and inclusion.

The evolution of children developing at their own pace and forming a strong sense of identity is important to us.

​Curam E.L.S will prepare a school transition report which reflects your child's development, to pass on to the child's chosen school.